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Great Horned Owl Nest
by Dan Hartman

July 19, 2019

     Since my boreal owl nests did not materialize and I never picked up a great gray nest (and believe me, I spent many hours searching west of Pebble Creek),  I settled on a great horned nest situated at the foot of Beartooth Butte.

     This nest worked for me for a number of reasons.  One, it was on the way to Beartooth Pass which I drive up to 4 or 5 times a week.  Two, I could actually film it with Beartooth Butte in fhe background which connects it with anything Beartooth related and three, it was a cool nest.

     Every nest seems to have a story and this one was the weather.  I photographed them in snowstorms, heavy rain, wind and heat.  Horned owls are hardy.  Both chicks eventually fledged on July 7th.


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Great Horned Owl Nest In Snow Storm

Great Horned Owl Nest

Great Horned Owl Nest Close To Fledging


Sitting With Mom

In The Forest