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The Beartooths

And the Wildlife that calls it Home
by Dan Hartman

June 12, 2021

     My beartooth film is finished.  It took me two full summers to complete.

     The fill is called:            "The Beartooths"

                                 " And the wildlife that calls it home"

     Highlights:  Golden Eagle families - Pika - Grizzly Bears - A Mountain Goat family - The White Bark Pine Story - with appearances from Great Horned Owls - Otter - Weasel - Mountain Fox - Rosey Finches etc.

       Of course it's all backed by the beautiful Beartooth landscape.

     The DVD or thumb drives are available for $20.

     You can contact us by calling us at 406-838-2296 or emailing at  You can also stop by the gallery which is open daily 8am to 9pm.


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Film cover

Film Cover

Mountain Goat

Camera Trap