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Yellowstone Summit

Join an online conference FEB 24-27
by Dr. Nathan Varley

Feb. 7, 2022

I am so excited to let you know that registration is open for the first annual Yellowstone Summit

My friends over at A Yellowstone Life and Yellowstone Forever have put together THE ultimate online event for Yellowstone lovers to get the latest park updates, plan incredible park experiences, learn new skills, and connect with the Yellowstone community. And of course, we’ll be commemorating the park’s 150th birthday! 

The Summit is bringing together over 25 Yellowstone experts—from researchers and naturalist guides to photographers, authors, and artists—who will help you learn, connect, engage, and celebrate a shared love of Yellowstone.

Whether you...

have been to the park dozens of times and crave learning all you can

are planning your first trip to Yellowstone and need insider advice

want to broaden your experiences in the park with new skills and understanding in photography, wildlife watching, hiking, artistic endeavors, and more

are dreaming of your next visit and can't wait to get back don't want to miss the Yellowstone Summit!

You can learn absolutely everything you’d ever want to know about the summit, but as a quick overview:

  • The summit will run from February 24-27, and will take place online.

  • Each day will be packed with amazing speakers who are ready to help you get insider intel, and learn new skills and insights that will make your in-park experiences even richer( whether it’s your first visit or your 100th).

  • We’ve got a private Facebook group where summit participants and speakers will be hanging out sharing stories, asking and answering questions, sharing insights from presentations, and connecting with fellow Yellowstone lovers.

  • Attending the summit is only $12! After registering, you can also upgrade to the VIP Pass, which will give you longer access to presentations, the ability to participate in live Q&A sessions, bonus lessons, and more. 

The All-Access Pass is currently being offered at a special price, and increases once the summit starts.

Head over to learn more and grab your pass. More information will be sent straight to your inbox afterward.

We can't wait to celebrate Yellowstone with you!


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