Yellowstone Reports

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Boreal Study

Nearing the End
by Dan Hartman

April 22, 2022

     Windy, stormy weather continued until the 17th.  Actually we were only able to venture out into the night once between the 10th and the 17th.  That night, on April 13th wasn't a perfect night, but we did get four boreal songs.  The highlight of the night was a grizzly walking down the road near Post#3.5.

     On the 17th, my friend Jeff Hogan was in town, so he went out on the owl run with me.  By the time we were done we had heard seven boreals and one saw-whet owl.  It's almost as if the owls went dormant for the eight days of bad weather and started up again when the  weather  cleared.

     Two nights ago, Cindy and I went out before the current storm arrived.  We did get five boreal owl songs.  Also saw three moose and five foxes.  When we parked back at the cabin again, a saw-whet was calling just inside the forest.

     Also a pygmy owl has been calling almost daily around the cabin.

     Usually, my study ends around now.  Only during my 2016 study have I continued past April 21st.  But like 2016, there's more information to be gathered this year as the owls are continuing to call.  So after this storm passes we'll be back at it.  Hopefully, Sunday night.