Yellowstone Reports

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Boreal Owl Study

The clues are emerging...
by Dan Hartman

April 6, 2023

     Even though Cindy and I have only been able to venture out once in the last five nights, with over 120 songs heard, I am now able to begin searching areas where several calls have centered to one location.

     Of course, I'm on snowshoes, which is fine, except getting from the highway to the forest,which means climbing up and over 4-6 foot snow brims.

     Once in the woods, snowshoeing is good.  Except for the occassional hidden sink hole that can drop you suddenly into a waist deep hole.

     My first two excursions have netted likely nesting cavities that match nests I've located in the past.  Meaning a large cavity at the top of an old snag, 35 t0 45 feet high.   Usually with dense mulit aged trees surrounding the area.

     As far as nightly surveys, the songs have slowed.  On the 4th Cindy and I did hear 7 songs.  For the most part, my consistant areas have continued to call most nights.  Spots that have been intermittent have ceased calling.

     I still have two to three areas where I think nests are possible, but they are still bouncing around too much.

     Although, I can't get to a couple of them.

     We'll see how the season evolves.  Hopefully winters' snow and wind will end, spring can be given its due and owls will be given a chance.


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